Stream #04

2nd - 8th Feb 2019

Ellsworth Kelly

When I cannot see words curling like rings of smoke round me I am in darkness—I am nothing.

― Virginia Woolf

* * *

- Yes

- I can see that now

- No. I didn’t see it that way at the time.

- Yes it’s cold here.

- What do you really want

-I don’t know, it’s just I feel like I get mugged by the sun every morning.

-I wish I could say it clearer. Not cheated, but

- Did I tell you about the man in the fireball. In Oklahoma in an empty field. He looked like he was dancing. And I did not stop.

-I should go.

- No. I haven’t.

- I just get this way sometimes.

-I haven’t spoken to him a while.

-I know.

-He looked lkke his was dancing.

-And I just kept driving.

-That Bob Marley song you like was on the radio. I didn’t help.

-How do I know it’s madness if it seems sane at the time? I can see it now. But that’s not how it seemed then. It wasn’t

-She doesn’t care. Why would I do that?

-Sometimes I just wish I was a dinosaur.

-I’m hungry

-Can you hear that bird?

-No. I think the neon lights fuck with it.

-Oh, wait, I remember now. Do you remember, when we were driving through New Hampshire? We saw a black pillar of smoke in the distance. And then we came around the side of the mountain, and then we passed a rest area and there was a coach bus parked on the edge of the parking lot, and it was completely engulfed in flames. People were standing around, waiting for it to blow.

-Yeah, that guy reminded me of it. I thought, "Is he going to blow?"

-Right, exactly. I don't know. I'm just worried, I guess.

-That one song, I don't know. I forget how it goes.

-Did you ever hear the theory that we developed language after our ancient African ancestors ingested psilocybin mushrooms?

-Time alone time will tell


- You think you’re in Heaven but you’re living in Hell

- I’m waiting for the toast to pop

-Yeah I don't know, I think I heard that on the radio.

-NPR or something.


-Why do you say "cheated"?

-It’s only that it’s hard when you already know the ending.

-But that’s not it either

-It’s only I can’t think of anything in life that I want.

-I should go

-Do you want me to go?

-I’m sure there’s a word for it in German or some other language I don’t understand. If I don’t know the word for it then it doesn’t really help.

-And even if I did

No. The word.


-It’s too late now. I can’t

-Yeah I am. How did you know? Totally dark.

-I like it. I’ve always liked sitting in dark rooms. It feels like a mystery movie.

-I like talking to people I can’t see

-I wish I could’ve recorded what we said. I’d like to translate it into German, then Spanish, then Japanese, Russian, then Italian, then Igbo, then Dutch, then Swedish, then Greek and back.

-Maybe I’d be different then

-Yeah. I started again.

-The yelloe box.

-Watching the lights from the cars travel around the ceiling.

-No. I’m not sad. I just feel like there’s plenty of time and not enough

-Yeah. That time on the boat.

-Amalgamation and capital.

-Like the time I saw the man on fire running from the bus in New Hampshire.

-I tried to stop but my brokes gave out.

-I think my nerves are shot.

-Are you? I think I have some too - hang on

-I feel that too.

-Maybe it’s just accumulation.

-All that death.

-It’s like pushpins in a map I can’t see.

-The dancing man?

-Like the whole brown field was a ballroom.

A ballet dancer covered in flames and not screaming. Spinning in fire and collapsing to the ground to die.

-In the snow of Minnesota I think. Just outside Montreal.

-I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know the name of many plants.

-When? Still?

- I remember that.

In the Bahamas. We saw the scuba diver on fire but they were casually examine a coral formation and then a sand shark swam by and didn’t bother the diver or us or even notice us and you kept calling it sleek.

-If I knew the names of plants maybe things would be different

-When did you leave?

-Only one bullet though

-That was the last time I was down there

-Trying to remember if it actually worked itself out that way

-Of all the places I might go back to, that isn’t one.

-Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, I know.

-Waltzing in time with the waves. Just like your astrologer said they would be.