The Workshop

A space for writers to share developing work and exchange feedback.

The workshop is currently invite only during its development. If you are interested in contributing then please get in contact to join the waiting list.


Using this workshop, you can contribute your writing into a lucky dip. When people read your work, they will see only your words.

I hope this allows for unbias reading, where comments and thoughts are based on the writing you do now, and not on what has come before.


Reading other people's work, you can offer support as written feedback and line edits. When you have finished reading, you can send in your thoughts, or refresh the page and read something new.

Once you have given feedback on a piece, it will no longer show up in the lucky dip. You will not see your own work.

Your edits can only be seen by yourself and the person who wrote the piece. Your name will appear along side feedback, so keep this in mind.

About the Workshop

This workshop was developed in the Summer of 2019. I gave up on it when I realised moderation for the content and comments would be exhauting. Simply, Neutral Spaces was growing too quickly. Things are much slower now, and I will be giving out invitations to this platform to people I trust. If content on this site becomes malicious, I will just delete it. I hope that this can be a positive and happy space.