Pat Foran


Pat Foran is a writer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Contributing editor for Best Microfiction 2021. Reads for Little Fiction. Sings for his supper (no). Sleeps in the subway (maybe). @pdforan +

Fiction & Prose Poems


“The Red Telephone (Sometimes My Life is So Eerie, Or Maybe Just So)” [Largehearted Boy]
"Favorite" [Flash Boulevard]
"Reckoning at the Doomsday Prep Food Storage Super Store" [Flash Boulevard]
“Sing to Me the One About the Righteous Embrace of the Ineffable” [X–R-A-Y Literary Magazine]
• “Modern Love (I’m Sorry)” (forthcoming in Moonchild Magazine)
• “I Sang the Telephone Book to You the Day You Hung Yourself (forthcoming in Wigleaf)
• “Feeb” (forthcoming in HOOT Review)


“How Cold the Morning, How Heavy the Waltz” (MoonPark Review)
“At the Super Elastic Bubble Plastic Commercial Shoot” (Gone Lawn)
“Here Come the Brides!” (Trampset)
“The Way Lon Chaney and the Woman He Loves Sometimes Forget” (Bad Pony)
“Misunderstanding and Misinformation in the Recorded History of Identity Storytelling” (Okay Donkey)
“Space Music from Space Land” (Fictive Dream)
“Parental Peace Talks” (BULL)
“The Truth About Florence Henderson’s Floating Notes” (Milk Candy Review)


“For My Dearest Claire, the New CEO of Airport Therapy Dogs, LLC (Little Fiction)
“What We Ask, What We Wish” (SleazeMag)
“Tilt” (Anti-Heroin Chic)
“Summer Songs from the Blimp Ruins” (Gravel)
“Greetings from La Dolce Pantomime” (Bending Genres)
“Layers” (The Disappointed Housewife)
“Futures” (formercactus)
“How to Have a Conversation” (The Cabinet of Heed)


“These Healing Waters, They Want to Wash Over Me” (Five:2: One #thesideshow)
“What We Think We Know at This Hour About the Broad Shoulders of Joan Crawford When She Rises After a Restless Night” (MoonPark Review)
“Simon Hangs a Fingerpainting While Happenstance Glows Like Earthshine” (WhiskeyPaper)
“In Anticipation of a Lionhearted Sigh Under a Dilettante Moon” (Unbroken Journal)

Creative Non-Fiction

“Top Ten Episodes of TV Shows I Watched in 2019 on DVDs That Belonged to My Son Cory” (Little Fiction)
“Top Ten Songs I Sang Along With on the Drive to and from Work in 2018” (Little Fiction)


with Milk Candy Review (May 2019)
with Tommy Dean (July 2018)