Mike Corrao


Mike Corrao is a writer and filmmaker working out of Minneapolis.


Gut text [11:11 Press]
Two Novels [Orson's Publishing]
Man, Oh Man [Orson's Publishing]

Selected Short Stories and Poems

Etymon Street View [X-R-A-Y]
MANCER [Heavy Feather Review]
Ring Control [Neutral Spaces Blog]
Mystic Theater [Fanzine]
Green Detectives Excerpt [Orson's Review]
Routine of Guests / Field of Horns [Soft Cartel]
Every Mouth [Grimoire]
Universe of No Brutalism [Burning House Press]
• Voidmachine [The Jungle] (print)
• Real People Live in Citires [New Haven Review] (print)
Brief Sermons on Holy and Oracular Wittgenstein []
Object Police [The Collagist]
Artifacts of Holy Amalgamation [Maudlin House]
Carnivores [Minor Literature[s]]
Hundred Headless Woman 2 [Burning House Press]
LEAR-MACHINE [After the Pause]
Argus Panoptes [Always Crashing]
Three Anomalies [Gone Lawn]
yy [Occulum]
No Thank You [X-R-A-Y Magazine]
Listening to Voicemails [Soft Cartel]
Portrait of my Mother [Fanzine]
Bodies Like Meat []
Biographies of Bodies [Gone Lawn]
Business and Sales [The Portland Review]
Oral History of Waiting [Fanzine]
Honey and Fungus Assemblage [The Gravity of the Thing]

Book Reviews

Laters of the Real: B.R. Yeager's Amygdalatropolis [Newfound]
Theatre Novel: Joseph Scapellato's The Made-Up Man [CRAFT]
Tyann Prentice's To See Your Love Suffer [DIAGRAM]
Explorations in Form: Three Small Press Releases [Empty Mirror]
I Don't Write About Race by June Gehringer [PANK]
Flesh Objects: On John Trefry's Apparitions of the Living [3:AM]
Wheat as Medium: Reading Vi Khi Nao's Sheep Machine [Entropy]
Apocalyptic Language: Reading Brooks Rexroat's Thrift Store Coats [Empty Mirror]
Apparitions of Language: Reading Soham Patel's to afar from afar [The Bind]
Local Magic and Poetry in Noor Al-Samarrai's El Cerrito [Newfound]
Eclectic Absurdism: Reading Mark Leidner's Under the Sea [Newfound]
Experiments in the Function of Language: Reading Laura Riding's Experts Are Puzzled [Empty Mirror]
Douglass by Day / Douglass by Night: Reading F. Douglas Brown's ICON [Empty Mirror]
Book Review: Adventure Hooks by Tyler Crumrine [Full Stop]
Movement Through Duration: Reading Anne-Marie Kinney's Coldwater Canyon [Newfound]
Lonley Men Club / Mike Kleine's Arcane Machines [Entropy]
On Being Ballard: Simon Sellars' Applied Ballardianism [Entropy]
Amy Saul-Zerby's Deep Camouflage Reviewed [Cleaver]
We Are What We Worship: Reading Tatiana Ryckman's I Don't Think Of You [Entropy]/a>
The Erotics of an Abstract Machine: Reading M Kitchell's In The Desert of Mute Squares [Entropy]
Poetic Territorialization: Reading Janice Lee's The Sky Isn't Blue [Newfound]

Short Films

What Makes a Misfit [Collaboration with Rob Prochnow]
Not Your Buzz [Collaboration with Rob Prochnow]
Man, Oh Man Book Trailers [Collaboration with Rob Prochnow]
Ja'i Perdu Ma Pipe [Collaboration with Rob Prochnow]
How To Stay Cool [Collaboration with Rob Prochnow]