Alexandre Ferrere


Alexandre Ferrere is 29 and lives in France. After a Master's degree in Library Sciences and a Master's degree in English Literature, he is now working on a PhD. on American poetry and little magazines. His essays and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Beatdom, Empty Mirror, Rust+Moth, Barren Magazine, Porridge Magazine, Lucent Dreaming and elsewhere. His first chapbook entitled mono / stitches will be published by Ethel in 2020.


• mono / stitches [Ethel] (Forthcoming)


• Piecemeal City [Marble] (print)
• Over a Plain City [Lift Every Voice Anthology, Kissing Dynamite] (print)
A Violet Night [Sons and Daughters Journal]
A Dot on the American Fresco [Sons and Daughters Journal]
• [La pensée doit être [Ethel] (print)
• Well-Read City [Lackadaisy] (print)
• Mugging—Blue Sonata [Lackadaisy] (print)
• End of July [Capsule Stories] (print) (forthcoming)
• The Tender Slice of Horizon [Capsule Stories] (print) (forthcoming)
• A Phone Booth, Far Away [Long Shot Books Anthology] (Forthcoming)
• Stuck Pages in a Forgotten Diary [Long Shot Books Anthology (Forthcoming)
• An Isle as a Whole is a Lie [City Brink Lit Mag]
• Yet, Yet [City Brink Lit Mag]
Supermarket [Streetcake Magazine]
• A Short Poem [Porridge Magazine] (print)
• /ai/ [Porridge Magazine] (print)
Last Station: Still [Porridge Magazine]
Round Midnight [Porridge Magazine]
Discovering the Last Push of the Soul [Recenter Press Poetry Journal]
Walk to Nowhere [Rust+Moth]
Chez Jacques Prévert [8 Poems Journal]
And Still the Shockwaves Crack my Walls [The Ideate Review]
• In Btw Notes [armarolla] (Print)
• Cerca Trova [armarolla] (Print)
• Petrichor or the Smell of Rainy Memories [armarolla] (Print)
The Small River in the Gutter, [Barren Magazine]
• It Snows Feathers When You Gaze at the Past [Lucent Dreaming] (Print)
Building Moments: After Death [Isacoustic]
Overflown Roof [Poetry Potion]
(Hom)m(emade) Fragmentation [Kissing Dynamite]
One of These Dreams [Riggwelter Press]
Uni/Verse [The Inflectionist Review]
Present Morning, Echoing in the Past [The Inflectionist Review]
rorriM/Mirror [The Inflectionist Review]
• Home, Run [Lumin Journal] (Forthcoming)
• On the Importance of Darkness in Broad Daylight [Lumin Journal] (Forthcoming)


Visions, Symbols and Intertextuality: An Overview of William Blake’s Influence on Allen Ginsberg [Empty Mirror]
Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg: A Story of Infuences [Empty Mirror]
Mechanics and Poetics: William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg [Beatdom]


Mini-interview with Alexandre Ferrere by Thomas Whyte [Poetry Mini Interviews]