Alexandre Ferrere


Alexandre Ferrere is 30 and lives in Cherbourg, France. After a Master’s degree in Library Sciences and a Master’s degree in Anglophone Literature, he is now working on a PhD. On American poetry and little magazines. His fictions, interviews, essays and poems appeared in dozens of journals, online and in print. He is editor and review manager at Trio House Press. His experimental poetry chapbook entitled “mono / stitches” and handmade by artist Sara Lefsyk is available at Ethel Press (2020).


• Forthcoming: Adi Os (mini chapbook) [Ragged Lion Press, ERRorISM #3]
mono / stitches [Ethel]

Poetry [Online]

Walk to Nowhere [Rust+Moth]
Chez Jacques Prévert [8 Poems Journal]
One of These Dreams [Riggwelter Press]
And Still the Shockwaves Crack my Walls [The Ideate Review]
The Small River in the Gutter, [Barren Magazine]
Uni/Verse; Present Morning, Echoing in the Past; rorriM/Mirror [The Inflectionist Review]
Building Moments: After Death [Isacoustic]
Overflown Roof [Poetry Potion]
(Hom)m(emade) Fragmentation [Kissing Dynamite]
Discovering the Last Push of the Soul [Recenter Press Poetry Journal]
Supermarket [Streetcake Magazine]
Last Station: Still; Round Midnight [Porridge Magazine]
A Dot on the American Fresco; A Violet Night [Sons and Daughters Journal]
Heat of July [Giallo]
Mind:Map ; Scènes Attachantes et Détachées ; -Light. A Day ; A Scream( )Underwater ; A Leak in the Dam Surrounding the International Waters of Imagination + Recordings [The Banyan Review]
To One Lost at Last ; Flakes of Wool (a Split) ; Emergency Door: No Exit [The Blue Nib]


Poetry [Print]

Walk to Nowhere [Rust+Moth]
In Between Notes: a Simultaneous Poem ; Cerca Trova ; Petrichor or the Smell of Rainy Memories [armarolla]
It Snows Feathers when you Gaze at the Past [Lucent Dreaming]
Building Moments: After Death [Isacoustic]
A Short Poem ; /ai/ [Porridge Magazine]
• An Isle as a Whole is a Lie ; Yet, Yet [City Brink Lit Mag]
Piecemeal City (Simultaneous Poem II) [Marble Poetry Magazine]
Over a Plain City [Kissing Dynamite, Lift Every Voice Anthology]
La pensée doit être [Ethel]
End of July ; The Tender Slice of Horizon [Capsule Stories]
Haiku Bingo ; Memory is a Mad Djinn ; Night from the Highest Building, Morning from the Lowest Bed ; Lost Light at Night [Dreich Magazine #10]
Home, Run ; & the Birds & the Birds [Lumin Journal]
At William Blake’s Grave: Simultaneous Thoughts [Lit Quarterly #4]
A Phone Booth, Far Away ; Stuck Pages in a Forgotten Diary [Long Shot Books Anthology]


• (Within) [Kissing Dynamite, Punk Anthology]
• Well-Read City ; Mugging—Blue Sonata [Lackadaisy]
• To One Lost at Last ; Flakes of Wool (a Split) ; Emergency Door: No Exit [The Blue Nib]


Creative Environments: The Geo-Poetics of Allen Ginsberg [Humanities]
• Forthcoming: A Derridian Exploration into Allen Ginsberg’s Archive(s) [Empty Mirror]
Visions, Symbols and Intertextuality: An Overview of William Blake’s Influence on Allen Ginsberg [Empty Mirror]
Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg: A Story of Infuences [Empty Mirror]
Mechanics and Poetics: William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg [Beatdom]
• Forthcoming: Reconstructing the Experience of Wars through Multidimensional Writing: Examples from the Beat Generation [Arts of War and Peace]
• Forthcoming: “A Grain of Sand in Heaven’s Eye”: Alice Goodman’s History is our Mother [Etudes Anglaises]


Little Masticated Darlings: An Interview with Lannie Stabile [Selcouth Station]
• Forthcoming: Interview with Alexandre Ferrere by Paul Brookes [The Wombwell Rainbow]
Mini-interview with Alexandre Ferrere by Thomas Whyte [Poetry Mini Interviews]