Chase Griffin


"Chase Griffin is building a reputation as Florida’s version of Thomas Pynchon. His debut 2019 novel What’s on the Menu? is a jumbled fever dream, a fantastical plot full of encrypted references, a dozen zany characters, and a jumble of hilarious non-sequiturs.

Out with the Chicago-based Long Day Press, What’s on the Menu? is equal parts acid trip and the Simpson’s episode that never aired. It has the feeling of being written in a panic: a story about work burnout and the absurdity of life in this time of now—all with Florida’s weirdest sensibilities." -Kevin Stern, All Must Go (House of Vlad 2020)

selected writing

The Astonishing Reversal of Normal Practice [Breadcrumbs Mag]
Totin Chip [Funny Looking Dog Quarterly]
Practice Your Craft By Smashing Your Face Into The Clean Wall [Fugitives and Futurists]
The New Kingdom [Oyez Review]
The Fever Dreams Of Florida: An Interview With Chase Griffin by Kevin Sterne [JMWW Magazine]
Music From The Multiverse [Dialtone Aggressor]
What's on the Menu? [Long Day Press]
Consensus Reality 2 [Maudlin House]
Real Emissaries and Their Tennis Balls [Funny Looking Dog Quarterly]

Selected Sound

Solo Music and Fat Tornado Clock [Marquee Bulb Records]
The Rocco Atleby Foundation [podcast]