Dale Brett


Dale Brett is a writer and artist from Melbourne, Australia. He is interested in exploring the melancholic malaise and technological ennui of the 21st century. Banal artifacts of an absurd reality found @_blackzodiac.


Faceless in Nippon [Expat Press]
Ultraviolet Torus [SELFFUCK]


Arisu [Tragickal]
Concentric Circuits / CODA [Surfaces]
Concentric Circuits / CODA II w/ Alexander Stephens [Surfaces]
Deer Park IV [Surfaces]
Layer 01: Self Constellations [d r e a m c o r e]
Layer 04: Nightly Aura [d r e a m c o r e]
Alt+tab persona [Expat Press]
Strip Club Train Station [Expat Press]
Your 7:45pm Class Has Been Cancelled [Expat Press]
Faceless in Nippon [Back Patio]
That One Time I was Someone Else [Back Patio]
Passengers [Muskeg]
Sapless Fortunes [Burning House Press]
Ruminations on 21st Century Inner Space [Burning House Press]
Ambit [RIC Journal]
Disruption of Flow [Misery Tourism]
Escalation of Contentment [Silent Auctions]


Blazing Apparitions in Sleepland [RIC Journal]
红口 – Red Mouth [Paint Bucket]
Caveat Emptor, Densha & Reality [Detritus Online]
‘Four Poems’ [Soft Cartel]
Marbled [Neutral Spaces Blog]
VAPORBYTE PHAZE [Nauseated Drive]
Chrome Mouth, Holographic Reflections & Tactile Hallucinations [Nu Lit Mag]

Review / Interview / Essay

Post-kawaii Aesthetics [Critical Orifice]
Kanley Stubrick - Online Lyfe as Dream Place [Neutral Spaces Blog]
Cultural Appropriation as an Attempt to Find Meaning and Escape Loneliness – A Grand Review of Noah Cicero’s Give it to the Grand Canyon [Back Patio]
Eris X Eris (introduction) [Expat Press]