Fawzy Zablah


Fawzy Zablah is the author of the short story collection Ciao! Miami and the novel Rarity of the Century.


This Modern Man is Beat [The Times of Israel]
Billy Joel, a Love Story [The Times of Israel]
I Wanna Be Your Dog: An Excerpt from Gitanes [Expat Press]
Weston Florida (Circa 1996) [HARSH]
Don't Let Your Keffiyeh Show [The Times of Israel]
The Temporary Times [Expat Press]
100 Ways to Propose to a Married Woman: An excerpt from Gitanes [Hobart Pulp]
Once Upon an Osama Bin Laden [Expat Press]
Habibi Baby, Are you Listening? [Expat Press]
The Part About the Scratch: excerpt [Expat Press]
The Second Time We Tried to Escape Cuba [Expat Press]
Johnny B [Expat Press]
The Olive Farmer [Expat Press]
The Demons [Acentos Review]
This Modern Man is Beat [Acentos Review]
Oslo [Acentos Review]
Liberty City [Acentos Review]
La Femme [Acentos Review]
The Two of Us on a Raft in the Middle of the Universe [Red Fez]
The Last Club on Earth [Red Fez]
Leaving for Paris [The Open End]
A Brief History of My Parent’s Union [The Open End]
Marchesa [The Open End]
Darling, It Was an Uphill Battle Loving You [3AM Magazine]
Eve in a Blue Robe [3AM Magazine]
Scandal [3AM Magazine]
Gray Cat, Purple Rug [Hobart]
All Our Italian Friends Are Dead [Hobart]
Kaddish for Saddam Hussein [Expat Press]
A Brief History of El Salvador Circa 1981 [Expat Press]


Book Review: Confidence Man by Anthony Dragonetti [The Times of Israel]
Zion's Fiction: The First Israeli sci fi anthology [The Times of Israel]
Something deadly outside but I have to be at work [The Times of Israel]
Hesh Kestin's The Siege of Tel Aviv [The Times of Israel]
The Magically Shrinking Palestinians or Know Before Whom You Stand: My Review of Hesh Kestin’s The Siege of Tel Aviv [Expat Press]
The Happiest Day I Had this Year: A remembrance of Ned Vizzini [The Open End]
Writers Don’t Retire [The Open End]


Rarity of the Century [Tiny TOE Press]
Ciao! Miami [LULU]