Giacomo Pope


Giacomo Pope is the author of Two Million Shirts, Chainsaw Poems & Other Poems and the founder of Neutral Spaces. He lives with his partner, Holly, and enjoys thinking about maths.


• Two Million Shirts (w/ Zac Smith) [out of print]
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Chainsaw Poems & Other Poems [Ghost City Press]
• 50 Barn Blurbs [out of print]


The Quaranzine
The Quaranzine 2
Hey Buddy
Witch Craft [Issue 6]

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Selected Writing [Neutral Spaces]

selected writing

I am going to be incredibly famous [Retweet]
Three Poems [Back Patio Press]
A Dictionary Has Three Windows, One American and Two French [Screaming into a Horse's Mouth]
Haiku [Screaming into a Horse's Mouth]
I am Sorry for Scaring You [Screaming into a Horse's Mouth]
The Last Time I Saw Zac Smith [Hobart]
I First Met Zac Smith in a Barn [X-R-A-Y]
Carefully [small poems 🍓]
Jawbreaker [small poems 🍓]
My Hands Smell Like Money [Back Patio Press]
Tar Poems [Expat Press]
Soft of Lover's Silk [Philosophical Idiot]
When I Email My Poems to People I Like Their Tweets Hoping It Will Help My Submission [Philosophical Idiot]
Three Poems [Soft Cartel]
A Feast of Shattered Glass [Philosophical Idiot]
Two Poems [Soft Cartel]

spoken word

Everything Will Change Always [Adam Gnade, Be Softly]
unfinished apology letters [Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf, Be Softly]
My Hands End with Your Fingertips [Be Softly]
Your Glass Head Against the Brick Parade of Now Whats [Sam Pink, Be Softly]


w/ Ben Niespodziany & Mike Andrelczyk (Neon Pajamas)
w/ Christian Utigard
w/ Microcosmo
w/ Theta Wave
w/ Fawzy Zablah