James Krendel-Clark


James Krendel-Clark is a writer, theorist, and artist currently based in Boston, MA. His work is an attempt to come to terms with culture in its living totality, or what Boris Groys has called "the new". He is interested in formalism as the reconciliation of ecstasy (Rausch) and intellection, and in the dramatization of ideology (and its critique). He has a bachelor's degree in comparative literature from Princeton University, and is considering pursuing a PhD in the same subject. Thus, his work straddles the (often petit-bourgeois, but equally often authentically rigorous) constraints of "academicism" and the decadent transgressions of the bohemian demimonde(s) of the avant-garde.

selected writing

The Future of the God-Hallucination [Void Front Press]
FIONA.EXE [Surfaces]
Lola [Surfaces]
Maskenfreiheit [Surfaces]
Cocaine Doom Meet with Video on Zoom (with Elizabeth Aldrich) [Expat Press]
SHATTERED STATE (with Carter Halbrooks) [Expat Press]
Preventing Suicide [Expat Press]
Elves Included [Expat Press]
Algorithmic Dreams in Pink Ink [d r e a m c o r e]