Rachel Tanner


Rachel Tanner is a writer from Alabama who hates writing bios. She tweets @rickit and her debut poetry chapbook comes out in October 2020 from Nightingale and Sparrow.


Mama Says [Tiny Molecules]
A Few of Our Alternate Universes [Peach Mag]
After You Were Granted Joint Custody [Longleaf Review]
Lindsay Lohan Sings of Endings [Memoir Mixtapes]
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To Be Read with Slowly Increasing Speed [Soft Cartel]
Star Market [Mental Papercuts]


But What If This Is Worth It? [Impossible Task]
Counting On [Bending Genres]
Don't Talk to Me or My Bed Ever Again [Elephants Never]
To Have And To Hold [The Cabinet of Heed]
who is god if not my cat? [Amethyst Review]
EEG [Blanket Sea]
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Visual Poetry

It's Cloudy Outside and You're Still Asleep [Honey & Lime]