Sam Pink


Books available thru lazy fascist and soft skull press. Art available thru @sam-pink-art


• The Icecream Man and Other Stories (Forthcoming)
99 Poems To Cure Whatever's Wrong With You Or Create The Problems You Need [CLASH]
The Garbage Times/White Ibis [Soft Skull] - Excerpt
Your Glass Head Against The Brick Parade Of Now Whats [House of Vlad] - Excerpt
Witch Piss [Lazy Fascist] - Excerpt
Rontel [Lazy Fascist] - Excerpt
The Collected Suicide Notes of Sam Pink [Lazy Fascist]
No One Can Do Anything Worse to You Than You Can [Lazy Fascist]
Hurt Others [Lazy Fascist] - Excerpt
The No Hellos Diet [Lazy Fascist]
Person [Lazy Fascist] - Excerpt
The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home [Lazy Fascist] - Excerpt
Frowns Need Friends Too [Lazy Fascist]
I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It [Lazy Fascist]

selected poetry

Three Poems [The Nervous Breakdown]
Three Poems [South Brodway Ghost Society]
Three Poems [Philosophical Idiot]
Two Poems [Susan / The Journal]
Three Poems [Punk Lit]
Four Poems [Philosophical Idiot]
Three Poems [New York Tyrant]
Three Poems [Coconut Poetry]
Two Poems [The US Embassy In Helsinki]

selected fiction

Jumping Rope [Muumuu House]
Excerpts from The Midwest [Bomb Magazine]
Keeps You Sharp [NY Tyrant]
The Dishwasher [Muumuu House]
Opening Lines to Novels that Haven't Been Written [Fanzine]
Yop [Muumuu House]
Different Colored Candy [Berfrois]
Bernhard Goetz [Panguar Ban Party]
Blogspot (2008-2016)



• Original paintings and drawings for sale:
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Your Glass Head Against the Brick Parade of Now Whats [w/ Be Softly]
Young Family [w/ Kelly Schirmann]


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