sara matson


Sara Matson’s poems can be found in The Journal Petra, DATABLEED, Ghost City Review, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, electric grandma is available from Another New Calligraphy and her chaplet, Forgotten: Women in Science is available from Damaged Goods Press. Sara lives in Chicago with her rad husband + cats, and Tweets as @skeletorwrites

selected writing

fresh tattoo [Kissing Dynamite]
why i want to visit chernobyl [Abridged]
3 poems [Truly U Review]
2 poems [Punt Volat]
electric grandma [Another New Calligraphy]
bone segments parts i-ix [Pulp Poets Press]
new pants [Obra/Artifact]
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3 poems [Mannequin Haus]
current [Awkward Mermaid]
2 poems [Waxing & Waning Magazine]
nine, chatter [Poached Hare]
white necked [Meow Meow Pow Pow]
vacation home [Pink Plastic House: a tiny journal]
two poems [Petrichor]
• Forgotten: Women in Science [Damaged Goods Press] • interview with Sara Matson by Kristin Garth [The Sonnetarium]
sundae [The Journal Petra]
backstage [Ghost City Review]
soap opera [Theta Wave]
ouiji queen [Rabid Oak]
splinter [Dream Pop Press]
elemental dawn [Five:2:One]
summer on the square [Typishly]
4 poems [Soft Cartel]
2 poems [OCCULUM]
3 poems [Burning House Press]
siblings [Dying Dahlia Review]
jazz [Vagabond City Lit]
2 poems [Deracine]