A Celebration

Issue #1

Thank you


I am so incredibly excited to share this magazine with you all. For the past year, Neutral Spaces has been a constant source of joy and inspiration in my life. It is an incredible feeling to be connected to you all in this way. To be so close to your art, reading your writing every day and being able to call so many new people my friends.

I am honoured to present to you 90 pieces of work from the Neutral Spaces community. In the list above, you'll see work from your friends. There will be pieces from authors whose books line your shelves, and there will be pieces from people you may never have read before.

This is a lot of content, and in keeping with the main site's lucky dip, I have tried to find a way to help you explore new writers. Up in the corner, you'll see the     button, which will take you to a random page of the magazine. If you've already had enough of this letter, feel free to click here and dive straight in.

Every single piece in the list above is a product of someone's love and attention. Something totally special to them. If I could ask anything of you as a reader, I encourage you to reach out to the writers who you connect with. Send them a tweet or an email. Tell them you read their work. Talk about how it made you feel. We're all doing our best, and we're all still learning. I think the internet's ability to facilitate these kinds of conversations is the most beautiful thing.

Thank you for being part of this project and being here to celebrate one year of Neutral Spaces. Everyone has been so totally kind, encouraging and generous with their time and support. I feel humbled to be talking and creating with you all. Thank you. This all feels totally insane, and I love it.

With all my love,

Our Writers

Thank you to everyone who has become part of Neutral Spaces over this past year. The love and care you all pour into your work is what makes Neutral Spaces such a diverse and beautiful website.